Design and attention to every day of ease of use. Easy-to-read LCD screen, Ekuria scales of slim and compact design that does not take place.


The biggest measurement Up to 150 kg
Measurement unit 2.5-100 kg: 100 g of units, 100 kg -: 200 g of units
Scale precision 2.5-75 kg: +-200 g, 75-100 kg: +-300 g, 100-150 kg: +-600 g
Power supply *3 DC4.5V single 4 form dry cell
Battery life About one year (at the time of use of alkali dry cell)
Weight : About 1.0 kg (except dry cell)
Dimensions:@ Width 263 X depth 193 X 20.5mm in height
Color: Black, Blue, Pink, White
Contents: Body X 1, Manual X 1, 4 battery single forms (R03) for trial *3
Qty available:5
Weight Scale HCS-S01 Series

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