Development volume estimation method for calculating a visceral fat of the entire abdomen based on MRI measurement data in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba. More precisely it is the visceral fat level rating "ECLEAR body composition meter". Allows precise measurement 50 grams, can measure and 7 items visceral fat level basal metabolism.


The biggest measurement Up to 150 kg
Measurement unit 2.5-100 kg: 50 g of units, 100 kg -: 100 g of units
Scale precision 2.5-75 kg: +-100 g, 75-100 kg: +-150 g, 100-150 kg: +-300 g
The weight difference -9.9 g - 9.9 kg: 100 g of units@¦Only as for the last time value
BMI 0.4 - 150:0.1 unit
Percent of body fat It is 0.1% unit 5-75%
Percent of body fat judgment Nine phases
Skeletal muscle rate It is 0.1% unit 5-75%
Skeletal muscle rate judgment Nine phases
The internal organs fat level Level 1 - 30:1 unit
The internal organs fat level judgment Six phases (as standard equipment: three phases high: three phases) ¦There is no no judgment about the internal organs fat level "low". Thus, in the body panel "low" of no three phases LED always turns on without depending on result of a measurement.
Bone mass 0.1 kg of units
Basal metabolic rate 500 - 3000kcal/ day: 1kcal unit
Area 5 bases
User enrollment Four people
Sex Man/woman
Height 100.0-250.0cm: 0.5cm unit
Power supply *3 DC4.5V single 4 form dry cell
Battery life About one year (at the time of use of alkali dry cell)
Weight : About 1.4 kg (except dry cell)
Dimensions:@ yakufuku 303 X depth 283 X 23mm in height
Color: Black, Blue, White
Contents: The body X 1, Manual X 1, 4 battery single forms (R03) for trial *3, carpet leg X 4
Qty available:10
Weight Scale HCS-FS01 Series

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