• "ELECOM GAMING V custom" is a "winning device" that is perfect for each and every player, not only for numerical performance, but also for all players who are particular about winning, from professionals to entries. It is ELECOM's new high-class gaming device series that delivers.
  • This ten-keyless gaming keyboard with silver axis and LED model has a size, key arrangement, and key shape that are perfect for the high-speed finger movement of gun shooting games (FPS).
  • Equipped with a newly developed gaming keyboard engine "ELECOM Wireless SPS Engine for Keyboard" that enhances response speed (Speed), precision (Precision), and stability (Stability) in key input.
  • "ELECOM Wireless SPS Engine for Keyboard" has a response speed that is approximately 55% faster than our company's, thanks to accurate measurement of response speed using a unique measurement method and sensibility evaluation by professional gamers. , we have achieved an effective response speed that is among the fastest in the industry.
  • It is a tenkeyless size that can secure a lot of mouse operation space on the desk.
  • By using the dedicated setting software "EG Tool", you can customize the functions of all keys.
  • The cable uses a "detachable USB Type-C (TM) paracord cable" that is surprisingly flexible and easy to handle.
  • The connector of the cable is convenient for moving the game area or cleaning around the desk, and it adopts a USB Type-C (TM) detachable type that can be easily replaced in the unlikely event of disconnection.
  • Equipped with a silver axis (speed linear) that pursues speedy pressing and a soft feel.
  • Based on the knowledge of our engineers and the sharp sensibility of professional gamers, we have selected parts with an excellent balance of keystroke feel, quality, and cost to achieve optimal cost performance with excellent practicality.
  • A highly visible stencil-like font is printed on the key tops.
  • All keys are equipped with 16.77 million color RGB lighting that colors the game environment.
  • By using the dedicated setting app EG Tool, you can customize the lighting pattern, speed, color, etc. to your liking.
  • All keys support "N-key rollover" that allows simultaneous input.
  • Even in games that require simultaneous pressing of complex keys, you can accurately input without missing any operations.
  • By using the dedicated setting software "EG Tool", you can change the functions assigned to all keys and customize them to suit your taste.
  • The keyboard itself is equipped with a memory that can save key function assignments and LED settings.
  • Since the contents set with the dedicated software can be recorded on the keyboard itself, it can be used as set even on a PC that does not have the dedicated software installed.
  • A proprietary "key cap grip sheet" is included for players who pursue the ultimate in not allowing even the slightest slippage of their fingers when operating the keyboard.
  • By attaching a fabric with exquisite cushioning that enhances the feeling of grip to the surface of the keys, it enhances the grip when typing.
  • In addition, the tactile difference between the keys without the sheet affixed makes it possible to improve the distinguishability of the keys.
  • Products that meet one or more of our company's environmental certification standards and display the "THINK ECOLOGY" mark.
  • In an effort to reduce waste, this is a product that uses paperless instruction manuals, etc. that come with the product.


Connector shape USB-A male
Connection method USB wired
Compatible models Windows computer equipped with a USB port
Compatible OS Windows 11/10/8.1
Keyboard layout US layout
Number of keys 87 keys
Key pitch 19.0mm
Key type Mechanical (silver axis/speed linear)
Keystroke 3.5mm
Actuation point 1.4mm
Operating pressure 45g
Tactile pressure none
Report rate Up to 1,000Hz
Power supply USB bus power
Cable length About 1.5m
External dimensions Width 366.1mm x Depth 142.6mm x Height 37.3mm (without stand), Width 366.1mm x Depth 142.6mm x Height 53.9mm (Stand)
Weight Approx. 938g *Cable not included
Contents VK310 main unit, paracord cable, keycap grip sheet, cleaning cloth, V custom logo sticker
VCCI Compatible with Class B
Color Black
Qty available:5
V Custom Gaming Keyboard TK-VK310S Series

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