• A high-resolution audio conversion cable that converts a USB Type-C™ terminal into a 3.5mm stereo mini terminal and a USB Type-C™ port dedicated to power supply.
  • You can charge your device while listening to music
  • Equipped with a DAC that supports up to 192kHz/16bit
  • Conforms to the Hi-Res definition of the Japan Audio Society
  • Supports USB Power Delivery
  • Compatible with earphones with mic
  • Highly durable cable that is hard to disconnect
  • Can be used simply by connecting devices


Connector shape USB Type-C(TM)
Port shape 1 3.5mm 4 pole stereo mini jack
Port shape 2 USB Type-C(TM) port (for charging)
Compatible models Smartphones and tablets that support audio output from the USB Type-C(TM) terminal (both analog and digital output from the terminal)
Supports USB Power Delivery (Supports up to 27W)
Cable length 3.5mm 4 pole stereo mini jack side: about 5cm (not including connector) USB Type-C (TM) port side: about 4.4cm (not including connector)
Color Black
Package form blister + paper backing
Qty available:10
USB Type-C Conversion Cable with High Resolution Power Supply MPA-C35CSDPDBK Series

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