A conversion adapter that allows you to connect a stereo mini plug headset to the USB terminal. It is compatible with both headsets for PCs and earphones with a microphone for smartphones. 

  • It is equipped with two terminals, a φ3.5 mm stereo mini jack for audio output (compatible with both 3 poles and 4 poles) and a 3-pole φ3.5 mm mini jack for microphone input. You can use headsets for PCs and earphones with microphones for smartphones even on PCs that do not have a microphone terminal.
  • You can use headphones, headsets, speakers, microphones, etc. by connecting to a laptop computer, desktop computer, or a game console equipped with a USB terminal that supports audio output.
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USB to Audio Conversion Adapter (3.5 mm) USB-AADC02BK Series

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