• 5m USB 2.0 extension cable
  • Up to 3 can be connected together
  • Extendable up to 20m when connecting 3 of these products and a 5m USB cable, it can be extended up to 20m.


Connector shape 1 USB-A type male: Computer side or device side such as a game machine that supports USB connector
Connector shape 2 USB-A type female: USB peripherals such as printers, web cameras, keyboards, mice, etc.
Length About 5m (not including connector)
Purpose of use Extend the connection between a computer or game console and USB peripherals such as a printer, web camera, keyboard, mouse, etc.
Color Black
Size Cable diameter: about 4.5 mm, box part: about width 29.2 mm x depth 60.0 mm x height 27.2 mm
others Bus power type *Power consumption of this product: 80mA (maximum)
others Compatible with Windows(R) 10 and Windows 8.1
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USB Extention Cable USB2-EXB50 Series

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