Adoption of the front and back is easy to understand trapezoidal microB connector. By using in combination with the high output can be AC charger or mobile battery, high durability microUSB cable that can ultra-rapid charging of the smartphone. Connected to the USB port of your PC, data communication is also possible.


Connector type: USB(A)male - USB(Micro-B) male
Supported devices: The USB(A)male side: PC having USB(A) terminal and battery charger, the /USB(Micro-B) male side including portable power charger: Smartphone having USB(Micro-B) terminal
Cable length 0.8m, 1.2m
Standard: USB 2.0 standard (HI-SPEED mode) conformity
Correspondence transfer speed 480Mbps
Plug plating Specifications Gold plated pin
Double Shield Yes
Color: < Black >
Purpose of use, Uses Charge of apparatuses such as smartphone having data communication with apparatuses such as smartphone having PC and USB(Micro-B) terminal having USB(A) terminal and USB(Micro-B) terminal
Qty available:4
USB 2.0 USB to Micro-B Cable MPA-FAMBS2U Series (2 Length)

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