Various facial expressions with a color micro USB cable! It is used in conjunction with high output can be AC charger or mobile battery, you can ultra-rapid charging of the smartphone. Connected to the USB port of your PC, data communication is also possible.


Connector type: USB(A)male - USB(Micro-B) male
Supported devices: The USB(A)male side: PC having USB(A) terminal and battery charger, the /USB(Micro-B) male side including portable power charger: Smartphone having USB(Micro-B) terminal
Cable length: 1.2m
Standard: USB 2.0 standard (HI-SPEED mode) conformity
Correspondence transfer speed: 480Mbps
Plug plating Specifications: Gold plated pin
Color: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White 
Purpose of use, Uses Charge of apparatuses such as smartphone having data communication with apparatuses such as smartphone having PC and USB(Micro-B) terminal having USB(A) terminal and USB(Micro-B) terminal
Qty available:10
USB 2.0 USB to Micro-B Cable MPA-FAMB2U12C Series

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