• 《Smooth Type》Creates a feeling close to that of paper, and it has smooth touch response which minimizes slip making drawing lines easier. Feels like drawing on the highest quality paper, resulting in a 50% reduction in wear of the pen stylus nib. Designed for focusing on the paper texture.
  • 《Glass Protector》A glass film with pencil-feel creates a feeling close to that of paper.
  • 《Safety Design》The safety design prevents glass fragments from scattering in the event of breakage.
  • 《Easy Installation》Self-adhesion process whereby the film sticks to the screen by itself bubble free. Even if you apply it incorrectly, it can be reattached easily. It comes with the install tools including cleaning cloth, dust removal tape and film-smoothing spatula to remove any residual air for your easy installation.
  • 《Compatibility》Compatible with iPad 10th Generation
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Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad TB-APSG Series

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