Cleanliness continues with sterilization and deodorization! A disinfectant type wet cleaning tissue that is ideal for places that come into direct contact with your hands.

  • Contains "silver ion" and "green tea extract"
  • Silver ion is silver that has a positive charge, has an excellent sterilizing effect, and is extremely safe.
  • Green tea extract has a deodorant effect
  • Cupra long fiber non-woven fabric Benlyse
  • No surfactant used
  • Mini bottle type


Principal component Purified water, ethanol (alcohol), silver ion, green tea extract, sugar cane extract, preservatives
Material Cupra "Benlyse (R)" * Benlyse (R) is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.
Size Tissue size: 140 x 170 mm
Number of sheets 30 sheets
Qty available:5
Sterilization Wet Cleaning Tissue WC-AG30N Series

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