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- A limited color model of the "off toco" travel pouch that makes you want to take it on holidays.

- It is a bicolor design that uses a slightly dull soft-colored outer fabric and a refreshing pastel-colored inner fabric. The table uses a wrinkled fabric with a texture. * The facial expression varies depending on the fabric characteristics.

- With a rotating hook, it can be hung and used in a washbasin or bathroom on the go.

- Various pockets are arranged so that the contents can be checked with a semi-transparent window. Due to the size difference in depth and the inner pocket / band closure, fine sorting is possible for each type.

- We have a zipper pocket that can store valuables and small items.

- It can also be used as a gadget pouch that can be hung by organizing and storing PC peripherals and stationery.


External dimensions Width 270 mm x Depth 70 mm x Height 200 mm * Handle not included
Reference accommodation dimensions Pouch body internal dimensions: width 260 mm x depth 60 mm x height 190 mm
Number of pockets [Outside] Front pocket x 1 [Inside] Semi-transparent pocket with hanging hook x 1, Semi-transparent pocket with band x 1, Semi-transparent pocket with inner pocket x 1
Color Beige, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple
Material [Front / Back] Polyester (water repellent)
weight About 330g
Qty available:0
OFF TOCO Travel / Toiletries Pouch OF04 Series (6 Colors)
3190 4490

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