Overworked hand, finger, to the shoulder, three prescription to relieve the tired! Was born by the joint development of the Yokohama Rehabilitation Center, reduce fatigue palm rest "FITTIO (Fittio)".


Long Ver.

Dimensions Width 300 X depth 60 X 16mm in height
Materials: front surface: Polyurethane Synthetic Leather, the back side: Polyurethane, the inside: Synthetic rubber
Color: Black, White
Others The body weight: 196 g


Short Ver. 

Size Width 80 x Depth 60 x Height 18 mm
Material Front side: Polyurethane synthetic leather, Back side: Polyurethane, Inside: Synthetic rubber
Color Black, White
Other Body weight: 56g
Qty available:0
Fatigue Reduction Wrist Rest MOH-FTP Series (2 Colors)

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