The 2021 model of the camera bag series "off toco" that makes you want to take it on holidays. A backpack type that is ideal for everyday use.

  • Handle type one-touch opening and closing
  • Handle simple lock
  • Two air chamber penetration structure
  • 14 inch PC storage
  • Bottle fixing band
  • Front L-shaped zipper pocket
  • Hidden back pocket / card pocket
  • Carry case fixing belt
  • Double handle
  • Water repellent finish
  • Interior color that makes it easy to see what is stored


External dimensions Width 300mm x Depth 150mm x Height 410mm * Excluding handle and shoulder belt
Reference accommodation dimensions Bag body internal dimensions (when the case is removed): Width 285 mm x Depth 120 mm x Height 395 mm, Camera storage internal dimensions (when the case is attached): Width 260 mm x Depth 100 mm x Height 160 mm, PC storage internal dimensions: Width 255 mm x Depth 25 mm × Height 380 mm, Upper storage internal dimensions: Width 285 mm × Depth 120 mm × Height 210 mm
Number of pockets Upper storage space (inside: mesh pocket x 5, zipper pocket x 1, PC storage space x 1), front pocket x 1 (inside: mesh pocket x 2), back pocket x 1, shoulder card pocket x 1
Color Black, Gray, Navy 
Material Front side: Polyester (water repellent finish) / Back side: Polyester
Weight Product body: Approximately 825g, Inner case: Approximately 175g
Accessories Camera inner case x 1, partition plate x 2
Qty available:4
OFF TOCO 2 Style Camera Backpack 14inch DGB-S043 Series (3 Colors)

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