Wrist rest and mouse pad to freely layout! Adopted a low-resilience polyurethane, to reduce fatigue in long-term PC work, wrist rest & mouse pad "COMFY (Kanfi).


With or without wrist rest With wrist rest
Material Surface: Polyester, Base: Polyurethane, Base: Elastomer
Body color Black
Mouse operation surface dimensions (maximum outer dimensions) Width 135mm x Depth 155mm
Mouse operation surface thickness (thickest part) 10mm
Wrist rest height (highest part) 26mm
External dimensions Mouse pad part: Width 135 mm x Depth 155 mm x Height 10 mm, Hand rest part: Width 110 mm x Depth 68 mm x Height 26 mm
Weight Mouse pad part: 200g, hand rest part: 72g
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COMFY Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest (Separate) MP-114 Series

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