The sound is an adopted silent switch that can be used to quiet even in places of interest. In design was born from the shape of the hand, we realized the goodness of further "grip comfort". Equipped with BlueLED that can be operated comfortably anywhere, 2.4GHz wireless type of 5-button mouse "silent EX-G". Chromebook is a product that has acquired the corresponding certification.


Interface USB
Connector shape USB (A) male
Compatible models Windows OS and macOS-equipped machines equipped with a USB port
Supported OS Windows10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, macOS Catalina (10.15), Chrome OS * It may be necessary to update to the latest version of each OS or install a service pack.
resolution 2000 counts
Communication method GFSK method
Radio frequency 2.4GHz band
Radio range When used on a magnetic material (iron desk, etc.): 3 m, when used on a non-magnetic material (wooden desk, etc.): 10 m
Reading method Optical sensor method
LED color Blue
Number of buttons 5 pieces * Including wheel buttons
Number of wheels 1 piece
Receiver storage Yes
Continuous operation time About 370 hours
Continuous waiting time About 1041 days
Estimated battery usage period About 722 days
Power supply (main body) One of AA alkaline batteries, AA manganese batteries, and AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
Rated voltage (main body) 1.5V
Color Black, Red
External dimensions (mouse body) L Size - Width 82.0 x Depth 119.9 x Height 42.0 mm
M Size - Width 73.8 x Depth 109.6 x Height 40.8 mm
S Size - Width 65.9 x Depth 91.6 x Height 39.3 mm
Size classification S/ M/ L Size
Mass (mouse body) Approximately 87g * Batteries not included
External dimensions (receiver) Width 15.0 x Depth 18.0 x Height 6.0 mm
Mass (receiver) About 2g
accessories AA alkaline batteries for operation check x 1, user's manual x 1

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EX-G Silent Wireless Mouse M-XGL/M/S10DBS Series (L/ M/ S Size)

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