About 2. 5 years without battery replacement OK! Wireless IR LED mice used a small infrared LED power consumption.


Interface: USB
Connector type: USB (A) male
Supported devices: The Windows OS equipped with Universal Serial Bus port, the macOS deployment machine
Resolution: 1200 dpi
Communication method: GFSK method
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz band
Radio wave outreach: When we use on magnetic body (desks of iron): When we use on 3m, nonmagnetic material (desks of tree): 10m
Reading method Optical sensor method
Output optical beam type Non-visible wavelength area
The number of the buttons Three
The number of the wheels 1
Receiver storing Yes
Continuous operating: About 500 hours
Continuous standby time: About 1,041 days
Estimated battery life About 905 days *When we assign 5% during 8-hour PC operation a day to mouse operation
Power supply (the body) AA alkali dry cell, AA manganese dry cell, either one of the AA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable.
Voltage rating (the body) 1.5V
Color: Black, Pink, Red, White
Dimensions (Mouse:) W59mmX D99.8mmX H39mm
Weight (Mouse:) About 52 g *We do not include battery
Dimensions (receiver) W18.0mmX D13.1mm X H5.7mm
Weight (receiver) About 2 g
Accessories: AA alkali dry cell X 1 for operation check, User manual X 1
Warranty  12 months
LED color Non-visible light (infrared rays)
Supported OS Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, 8.1, 7(SP1), Vista (SP2), XP (SP3), macOS Catalina(10.15)
Dimensions classification [M size]
Qty available:10
Wireless IR Mouse (3 Buttons) M-IR07DR Series

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