In an environment where a shared PC, such as an unspecified number touches also, right-handed left-handed matter not easy-to-use symmetrical form. Adopted OMRON manufactured by high durability switch, convenient wheel-less wired three-button mouse BlueLED on the use of 3DCAD.

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  • 《DESIGNED FOR 3D-CAD》It designed for 3D-CAD uses. No scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse and an easy to use center button. The length of USB cable is 59", enough length for CAD operation.
  • 《600/1200 HIGH RESOLUTION》600/1200 counts button on the mouse makes it easy to switch the mouse motion speed. 600/1200 DPI optical tracking enables responsive cursor control for precise tracking and easy selection that allows precise mouse movement.
  • 《BLUE LED》Blue LED is outperforming both optical and laser mice. The combination of a large beam with image sensors and pixel geometry allows the mouse to track almost any surface.
  • 《PLUG & PLAY》 No need to install any software or driver. Simply just connect the mouse to your PC and ready to go!! It works for Windows.
  • 《PRODUCT DETAILS》Compatible with Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Windows XP, 【Size】2.8" X 4.3" X 1.5" 【Weight】3oz 【Interface】USB
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Wired Mouse For 3D CAD (3 Buttons) M-CAD01UB Series

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