13inch of Laptop Sleeve for Macbook Pro 13inch or Macbook Air 13/13.6inch 

  • Sleeve-type inner case for MacBook
  • Slip-in structure without fasteners
  • Brushed material that gently protects


Outer dimensions Approximately 329 mm wide x 4 mm thick x 238 mm high
Inside dimension Approximately 304.1 mm wide x 15.6 mm thick x 212.4 mm high or 304.1 mm wide x 16.1 mm thick x 212.4 mm high or 304.1.1 mm wide x 11.3 mm thick x 215 mm high *Reference storage size
Weight About 165g
Material Synthetic leather
Color Black, Camel, Navy
Correspondence model MacBook Pro 13 inch (2020/2019/2018 model), MacBook Air 13 inch (2020/2019/2018 model), MacBook Air 13.6 inch (2022 model) *Information as of September 2022 .
Qty available:5
Leather Laptop Sleeve/ Laptop Protector for Macbook BM-IBSVM22 Series

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