• A high-performance backpack that combines the storage capacity and functions required for "work" and "pushing"
  • The movable transparent window structure allows you to switch between "work mode" and "pushing mode".
  • You can always be with your favorite "push".
  • Can be a simple two-chamber structure
  • Zipper pocket that can be used for general purposes
  • Easy-to-access telescopic sleeve pocket
  • Easy-to-access side zipper pocket
  • Sleeve pocket with built-in cushion
  • Water repellent finish


Bag type Backpack
Number of air chambers 1
External dimensions External dimensions Approx. W330 x D140 x H430 mm
Inside dimension Main air chamber dimensions W280 mm x D100 mm x H400 mm
Inside dimension Cushion pocket internal dimensions W365 mm x D25 mm x H255 mm * Reference storage dimensions
Pocket (front) Zipper pocket x 1
Pocket (side) 1 zipper pocket, 1 sleeve pocket
Pocket (air chamber) Cushion pocket x 1
Color Black/ Grey
Material Outer fabric / polyester / PVC / TPU, inner fabric / polyester
mass About 900g
Extensions Simple 2 air chamber function
Extensions Transparent window expansion function
Shoulder belt Adopting an adjuster with a ring structure
Corresponding model ~ 15.6 inch laptop
Qty available:0
Laptop Backpack 15.6inch BM-OGBP01BK Series

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