Eliminate the HDMI port shortage, such as TV! Switch the video and audio of multiple HDMI devices, HDMI switcher that can output to one of the TV.


Correspondence Video output equipment AV apparatus, home-use game console, PC which carried HDMI Output
Corresponding Video indication apparatus TV display projectors which were equipped with HDMI Input
Connector type:

Input: The HDMI type A19 pin (female) X 2/3

Output: HDMI type A19 pin (female) X 1

Power supply: USB[microB] female

HDMI Standard: High Speed with Ethernet (HDMI 1.4a/HDCP correspondence)
Correspondence resolution 1080p(1920 X 1080), WUXGA(1920 X 1200)
Color depth Each Deep Color(36bit:12bit/ color)
Data rate Up to 7.5Gbps
Correspondence Audio format DTS Digital, Dolby Digital
The body Dimensions fuku 95 X depth 46 X H 15 (mm)
Attached article *1 HDMI cable (1m)
Qty available:10
HDMI Switch For Computers/ TV DH-SW Series

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