Routing a cable diameter of about 3.2mm is likely to be clean wire. One high-speed transmission is super slim Ethernet corresponding High Speed ??HDMI cable video and audio signals in digital cable.


Supported devices: HDMI plug (type A/19 pin) side: As for LCD television, plasma television, the projector having HDMI Input, it is HDMI-micro plug (type D/19 pin) side: Digital camera, smartphone, tablet having HDMI Micro Output
Standard: HDMI (High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet) Certified
Connector type: HDMI plug (type A/19 pin) - HDMI-micro (type D/19 pin)
Cable type Super slim type
Line speed 10.2Gbps
Correspondence resolution 4K X 2K correspondence
Shield method Triple Shield
Plug plating Specifications The gilding
Cable length 2.0m
Color: Black
Qty available:10
UHD 4K x 2K Ethernet Super Slim HDMI Cable DH-HD14SSU Series (A-D)

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