It made quite right and the cable storage, convenient to carry around. Corresponds to the Power Delivery, which can be supplied to a laptop, USB Type-C connection mobile docking station that can simultaneously connect a USB3.0 device or HDMI display to the USB Type-C equipped with a personal computer.


Supported OS Windows10/8.1/7, macOS Catalina(10.15) ?Update to latest version of each OS and installation of service pack may be necessary.
Connector Specifications (up stream) USB3.1 Type-C<Gen1(5Gbps)>, PowerDelivery correspondence (PD3.0, up to 100W), DisplayPort Alt mode () non-output-adaptive at the time of USB 2.0 connection with USB 2.0 compatibility as for movement (USB 2.0 time Video)
Universal Serial Bus port (down stream) USB3.1 Type-C<Gen1(5Gbps)> female X 1, USB3.0 Standard-A female X 1 <supply capability level: Total 2 ports 10W (5V/2A)>
Video output port (down stream) HDMI (up to 4K2K@30Hz) X 1
LAN port (down stream) No
Audio port (down stream) No
Card reader (down stream) No
Card reader (down stream) No
Power supply method USB Type-C terminal female (to PD3.0, up to 100W)
Cable length About 0.17m (we include connector)
Color: < Black >
Dimensions: About 90*16*60mm (we do not include cable)
Weight About 60 g (we include cable)
Operating environment 0-40 degrees Celsius/10-90% RH
Qty available:10
Docking Station USB 3.1 Type-C DST-C06 Series

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