• Large transparent window that can usually be hidden
  • Plenty of peace of mind and large capacity
  • Separate gadget storage chamber
  • Side pocket with zipper
  • Luggage can be put in and taken out of the main compartment while carrying the bag.
  • Large back sleeve pocket
  • Luggage carry belt
  • Adjuster with ring tape & ring structure
  • Water repellent
  • Includes removable display divider
  • Can be made into a simple two-chamber structure
  • Comes with its own rain cover
  • Front part that can be used as a sacoche


External dimensions Approximately 300mm wide x 170mm thick x 380mm high
Inside dimension Main air chamber: Width about 280mm x thickness about 110mm x height about 360mm
Inside dimension Back air chamber: Width about 280mm x thickness about 35mm x height about 360mm
Internal dimensions of the PC compartment Approximately 230 mm wide x 25 mm thick x 330 mm high * Reference storage dimensions
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DIY Casual Business Backpack for 14inch Laptop BM-OGBP02M Series

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