USB3.1 which is the standard in the "Certified SUPERSPEED + USB (USB3.1)" regular certified product! New standard USB Type-C connector smartphone equipped! Equipped with a USB Type-C terminals of, USB Standard-A of the terminal mounting USB3.1 conversion cable that allows connection of USB devices.


Connector type USB Type-C male -USB3.1 Standard-A female
Supported devices Cable/peripheral device mounted with smartphone mounted with USB Type-C terminal and USB Standard-A terminal
Cable length 0.15m ?We include connector
Cable thickness 4.5mm
Standard USB3.1 standard regular certification article
Correspondence transfer speed Up to 5Gbps ?Theoretical value
Power delivery correspondence NO
Plug plating Specifications Gold plated pin
Shield method Triple Shield
Twisted pair cable (communication line) Yes
Color < Black >
Package form PET box + paper mount
Qty available:10
USB 3.1 Cable MPA-AFCM Series (Type-C to Standard-A)

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