Smartphone / tablet with microphone earphone for PC can be used on a PC. Conversion cable that can connect a microphone with earphones (?3.5mm4-pole mini plug) to a personal computer (?3.5mm mini plug × 2).

Specifications (1 to 2) 

Supported devices: PC that it carries Interface of mike input of f 3.5mm stereo minijack and headphones output terminal, and Windows8.1/8/7/Vista (... SP2)/XP(SP2 - SP3) works and AT clone (DOS/V machine) ?It will not support earphone attached to Macintosh and iPhone.
Connector type 1

f3.5mm4 pole stereo minijack

Connector type 2 f 3.5mm mini-plug X 2 (Microphone/earphone)
Length About 0.05m


Specifications (2 to  1) 

Supported devices: Smartphone equipped with F3.5mm4 pole minijack and tablet PC
Connector type 1 F 3.5mm stereo minijack X 2 (Microphone/earphone)
Connector type 2 F3.5mm4 pole mini-plug
Length About 0.05m
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Conversion Cable For Earphone AV-35AD Series (3.5mm 4-pole Stereo Mini Jack)

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