Even if you put it roughly, it will be neatly arranged. A sorting pouch for the childcare family bag "Che'alo" that allows you to store and quickly take out your child's luggage.

  • "Che'alo" is a childcare bag that you can use comfortably even if you are not good at organizing.
  • Childcare family bag “Che'alo” sorting pouch
  • Mesh material that makes it easy to see what is stored
  • Slim design that can be stored neatly
  • Can be used by hooking on a hook, etc.
  • Can be stored side by side in an optional backpack
  • Antibacterial and deodorant processing on the fabric
  • Compliant with antibacterial test established by Japanese Standards Association (JSA)


External dimensions Small Size - W215 mm x D70 mm x H145 mm * Excluding handle
Medium Size - W215mm x D140mm x H145mm * Excluding handle
Internal dimensions Small Size - W200 mm x D65 mm x H130 mm
Medium Size - W200 mm x D130 mm x H130 mm
Color Blue Gray
Material Polyester
weight About 48g
Qty available:0
Che'alo Gadget Pouch BMA-CAIN Series (2 Size)

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