Even if you put it roughly, it will be neatly arranged. "Che'alo" is a family bag for childcare that allows parents and children to be divided into upper and lower air chambers. A backpack type that is ideal for everyday use.

  • "Che'alo" is a childcare bag that you can use comfortably even if you are not good at organizing.
  • "Che'alo" is a family bag for childcare that allows you to easily sort your luggage in the upper and lower two air chambers and take it out immediately.
  • Simple square shape and calm coloring
  • Two air chamber structure
  • The back pocket can hold A4 size envelopes and laptops up to 13.3 inches.
  • The side zipper pocket is antifouling and can store wet and dirty items independently.
  • Both side pockets can store bottles and stromags.
  • Inside both side pockets, there is a loop to attach a pass case, key chain, etc.
  • You can easily lock the zipper by inserting the zipper puller into the zipper closure in the upper storage space.
  • The upper pocket comes with a key chain that can be removed with a single touch, making it convenient for storing keys.
  • A mesh zipper pocket is placed inside the upper and lower storage spaces to store small belongings.
  • Can also be used as one large space
  • Shoulder belt with built-in soft cushion pad
  • Water repellent finish on the entire surface fabric
  • The inner fabric is antibacterial and deodorant so that it can be used with peace of mind every day.
  • This product has the ability to suppress or inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface, and complies with the antibacterial test established by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA).
  • The lightweight design makes it as light as about 560g.


External dimensions Width 300mm x Depth 175mm x Height 410mm * Excluding handle and shoulder belt
Reference accommodation dimensions Upper air chamber dimensions: W240 mm x D130 mm x H70-140 mm
Lower air chamber dimensions: W200 mm x D130 mm x H240 mm
Laptop storage internal dimensions: W240 mm x D20 mm x H370 mm
Number of pockets Upper air chamber (inside: mesh zipper pocket x 1, PC storage pocket x 1, key chain x 1), lower air chamber (inside: mesh zipper pocket x 2), front pocket x 1, side pocket x 2, side antifouling pocket × 1
Color Black, Blue, Grey 
Material Front side: Polyester (water repellent finish) / Back side: Polyester
Weight  About 560g
Qty available:0
Che'alo 13.3inch Laptop Backpack BM-CABP01 Series (3 Colors)

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