• Thin and lightweight Bluetooth (R) mini keyboard with a thickness of about 0.2 inches (6.5 mm) and weighs about 9.5 oz (264 g)
  • Compliant with Bluetooth(R) 5.0 Class 2 standard for power saving, this device can be connected to any Bluetooth(R) computer or tablet without a full USB port
  • Supports up to 3 multi-pairing, and you can instantly switch your registered device by pressing the switch button
  • No need to install a dedicated screwdriver, etc., just pair it up and use it immediately
  • The key type uses the same "pantograph" as the laptop keyboard


Connection method Bluetooth(R) wireless system
Compatible models Devices with Windows OS, macOS, Android OS, iOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS that support the Bluetooth(R) HOGP profile
Compatible OS Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS Monterey (12), Android12, iOS 15, iPad OS 15, ChromeOS *It may be necessary to update to the latest version of each OS or install a service pack. *Please check the compatibility table for the latest information.
Connectable number 3 units
Color Pink, White
Communication method GFSK system
Radio frequency 2.4GHz band
Radio reachable distance When using on a magnetic material (iron desk, etc.): about 3m, when using on a non-magnetic material (wooden desk, etc.): about 10m
Key type Pantograph
Keyboard layout 78 keys (ANSI layout)
Key pitch 19.0mm
Keystroke 2.0mm
Number of hotkeys 11 keys
Power supply (keyboard body) Two of AAA alkaline batteries, AAA manganese batteries, or AAA Ni-MH secondary batteries
Assumed battery life Approximately 2.6 years when using alkaline batteries * Assuming 8 hours of computer operation per day
External dimensions (keyboard body) Width 286.5mm x Depth 121.5mm x Height 20.4mm
Weight (keyboard body) Approximately 264g *Batteries not included
Accessories 2 x AAA alkaline batteries for checking operation, User's Manual
Correspondence profile HOGP (HID Over GATT Profile)
Others Compliant Standards: Bluetooth 5.0 Class2
Qty available:5
Bluetooth Mini Keyboard TK-FBP102 Series

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