• 《Bluetooth Connection》The mouse is equipped with fast and accurate Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your PC, phone, or tablet without needing to connect to a USB port.
  • 《Long Life IR LED》 IR LED mouse uses infrared LEDs with low power consumption so batteries can last up to 2.5 years of continuous use.
  • 《Happiness for Your Desk 》 Our smiling Shiro Chan wants to provide some quirkiness and happiness so you feel refreshed even after working at your desk all day.
  • 《Eco-Friendly PCR Materials》Manufacturerd with sustainable and environmentally friendly Post-Consumer Recyclable Plastics.
  • 《No USB Receiver Required》 No tiny USB receiver to lose. Desktops and Laptops with limited USB ports can be easily connected. Mobile devices like phones and tablets can connect wirelessly.
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Bluetooth 3-Buttons Mouse/ Cute Mouse M-CB01BR Series

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