Disposed immediately removable storage port from both sides. High-grade models with the function of one rank (M size). By removing the included camera inner box, 2 STYLE of camera backpack can be for everyday use as a normal bag "off toco". 


External dimensions Width 280 mm x Depth 165 mm x Height 400 mm * Excluding handle and shoulder belt
Reference accommodation dimensions Bag body internal dimensions (when BOX is removed): Width 270 mm x Depth 85 mm x Height 390 mm, Camera storage internal dimensions (when BOX is installed): Width 230 mm x Depth 105 mm x Height 145 mm, PC storage internal dimensions: Width 255 mm x Depth 30 mm × Height 370 mm, Upper storage internal dimensions: Width 270 mm × Depth 85 mm × Height 210 mm
Number of pockets Upper storage space (inside: mesh pocket x 5, zipper pocket x 2), camera storage space x 1, front pocket x 2, back pocket x 2, bottom pocket x 1, back PC storage space x 1 (inside: document pocket x 1) 1), Attached pouch pocket x 2
Color Black, Grey, Navy 
Material Front side: Polyester (water repellent) / Bottom: Hypalon rubber (water repellent) / Back side: Polyester
Weight Approximately 1,485g (when BOX is removed: Approximately 1,245g)
Accessories Camera inner box x 1, partition plate x 5, attached pouch x 1, rain cover x 1,
Qty available:0
2 Style Camera Backpack DGB-S038 Series 14inch Laptop (M Size)

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