Notebook PC and documents, such as the collectively storage and transportation writing instrument. Used as a tool organizer is placed on a desk at the stand function, it is the inner type of bag-in-bag.


External dimensions Approximately W265 x D40 x H365 mm (excluding handle)
Inside dimension Approx. W240 x D30 x H340 mm * Reference storage dimensions
Weight About 570g
Material polyester

Black, Red, Navy 

Pocket (front) Accessory pocket x 5, zipper pocket x 1
Pocket (back) Sleeve pocket x 1
Compatible models 13.3inch notebook PC * The inner dimensions and the outer dimensions of the PC that can be stored may differ. For details, please check the correspondence table on the ELECOM website.
Qty available:2
Vertical Laptop Inner Bag/ Organizer BMA-BBIT13 Series

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