13.3 houses a flat-screen notebook PC to smart of up to an inch. A magnet flap that opens and closes with one touch, magnet flap inner case the gadget pouch AC adapter and mouse can be stored is included.


The outside size Inner case: W377 X D5 X H275(mm), inner porch: W210 X D30 X H150(mm)
Internal Dimensions

Inner case: W325 X D28 X H225(mm)

Inner porch: W163 X D20 X H120(mm)

Weight Inner case: About 276 (g), inner porch: About 96 (g)
Materials: Polyester

Black, Grey, Navy

Correspondence model ... 13.3 inches notebook PC
Accessories: Inner porch


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Magnet Flap Laptop Case (with Pouch) 13.3inch BM-IBMF13 Series (3 Colors)

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