A natural and well-balanced sound characteristic with no habit, featuring a rich midrange and a clear high range. You can easily record performances by connecting electronic musical instruments such as guitars and basses to your computer or smartphone. A shielded USB cable that is ideal for simple recording and practice.

  • Connect your instrument or microphone to your smartphone or computer with a USB cable for musical instruments!

  • A shielded USB cable that allows you to easily record your performance by connecting an electronic musical instrument such as a guitar or bass to your computer.
  • Well-balanced sound characteristics
  • Produces a clear sound with little attenuation
  • Also available on smartphones
  • No driver installation required
  • Knurling that is easy to insert and remove
  • You can visually check the energization status
  • High-purity OFC 99.995% (oxygen-free copper) cable
  • Built-in filler to prevent deterioration due to friction between internal wires


Compatible models Electronic musical instruments such as guitars and basses equipped with a f6.3 monaural standard jack, and personal computers and smartphones * Please use a conversion adapter when connecting to a smartphone.
Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8, macOS Big Sur 11 / macOS Catalina 10.1 / macOS Mojave 10.14, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, Android 11
Corresponding standard USB2.0
Power supply
Rated voltage 5V
Connector shape 1 f6.3 monaural standard plug
Connector shape 2 USB-A
Length 3m, 5m 
Cable color Black
Qty available:5
Audio Shielded USB Cable DH-SHU Series (USB-A to ?6.3 Jack)

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