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Light and fluffy, fits in your hand! Palm size that is easy to operate for children with small hands. It is recommended for online learning because the click sound is quiet and the pointer can be operated accurately even on desks and notebooks made of various materials.

  • Wireless type that can be easily connected
  • Smooth pointer operation
  • Comfortable operation with "BlueLED" sensor
  • Uses a silent switch that does not bother the clicking sound.
  • Antibacterial processing suppresses the growth of bacteria on the mouse surface and keeps it clean
  • It is equipped with a battery level indicator lamp that informs you when to replace the battery
  • Symmetry design that does not choose the dominant hand
  • Power switch prevents battery drain
  • Colors that are fun to look at and have good coloring


Interface USB
Connector shape USB2.0-A
Compatible models Windows OS, macOS, Chrome OS equipped machines equipped with a USB port
Supported OS (Windows) Windows 10 / 8.1
Supported OS (mac) macOS Big Sur11 / macOS Catalina 10.15
Supported OS (Other) Chrome OS
resolution 1000 counts
Communication method GFSK method
Radio frequency 2.4GHz band
Radio range When used on a magnetic material (iron desk, etc.): 3 m, when used on a non-magnetic material (wooden desk, etc.): 10 m
Reading method Optical sensor method
Emission ray type Visible wavelength range
LED color blue
Number of buttons 3 * Including wheel button
Number of wheels 1 piece
Receiver storage Yes
Continuous operation time About 235 hours
Continuous waiting time About 277 days
Estimated battery usage period Approximately 338 days * When 5% of 8 hours of computer operation per day is assigned to mouse operation
Power supply (main body) One of AA alkaline batteries, AA manganese batteries, and AA nickel-metal hydride batteries
Rated voltage (main body) 1.5V
Color Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow 
External dimensions (mouse body) W56.0 mm x D90.0 mm x H32.0 mm
Size classification S size
Mass (mouse body) Approximately 50g * Batteries not included
External dimensions (receiver) Width 16.0 mm x Depth 19.0 mm x Height 6.0 mm
Mass (receiver) About 2g
Accessories AA alkaline batteries for operation check x 1


Qty available:5
Anti-Bacterial Wireless Silent Mouse M-BL20DBSK Series (6 Colors)
2490 2990

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