• A convenient HDMI extension cable when the length of the HDMI cable is not enough or when you want to use a pre-wired cable
  • Connect your HDMI device to your TV without reaching behind
  • 4K2K (60P) compatible
  • 18Gbps high-speed transmission
  • HDR compatible
  • BT.2020 video transmission is possible
  • Realizes bi-directional communication of Ethernet signals
  • Supports HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel)
  • Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel)
  • Triple shield structure
  • A metal (zinc) shell is used before and after the connector
  • Uses a gold-plated plug


Compatible models HDMI plug (type A, 19 pin) side: LCD TV, plasma TV, projector, etc. with HDMI input terminal, HDMI jack (type A, 19 pin) side: HDMI cable, streaming device with HDMI output terminal, etc.
Connector shape HDMI plug (type A 19 pin) - HDMI jack (type A 19 pin)
Cable type Standard
Transmission speed 18Gbps
Supported resolution Supports 4K x 2K (60p)
Shield method triple shield
Plug plating specification Gold plate
Cable length Approx. 0.5m *not including connector
Cable thickness 5.7mm
Qty available:0
4K HDR HDMI Extension Cable DH-HDEX Series

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