• 4in1 USB cable that allows you to change the connector according to the device
  • You can charge various devices with one
  • Supports USB PD (USB Power Delivery)
  • High-speed data transfer of up to 480Mbps is possible
  • Double shielded cable
  • Gold plated pin connector
  • Use flame-retardant material
  • Use flame-retardant material


Connector shape 1 USB Type-C(TM)
Connector shape 2 USB Type-C(TM)
Connector shape 3 USB-A
Connector shape 4 USB Micro-B
Compatible models USB-A side: PCs with USB-A terminals, AC chargers, etc. USB Micro-B side: Mobile batteries with USB Micro-B terminals, electronic cigarettes, etc. USB Type-C (TM) side: USB Type- AC chargers with C(TM) terminals, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Cable length 1m, 2m  *not including connector
Cable thickness 3.0mm
Supported transfer speed Maximum 480Mbps *Theoretical value
Supports USB Power Delivery (Only when using USB Type-C(TM) to USB Type-C(TM))
Shield method Double shield
Color Black, White
Qty available:10
4 in 1 USB Charging Cable MPA-AMBCC Series

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