3490 5490
  • Perfect for creating virtual backgrounds and wipe screens
  • Ideal for chroma key composition
  • Get closer to a more natural composition
  • Pop-up type that can be expanded immediately
  • Can be fixed to the back of a chair
  • Can be leaned against a wall, etc.
  • With a dedicated storage bag
  • Folds to about 1/8 size


Size Dimensions when used: Approximately width 1300 x thickness 6 x height 1300 mm
Size Storage dimensions: Approximately width 450 x thickness 20 x height 450 mm
Mass About 440g
Color green
Material Nylon, polyester, steel
set content Background screen, storage bag
Other Chair backrest mounting size Width 300-500 mm, thickness 100 mm or less, height 250-500 mm * Chairs with the backrest tilted back by 40 degrees or more are not supported.
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Folding Chroma Key Background Screen
3490 5490

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