• Capacity: Approximately 26L
  • Capacity of Inner Box: Approximately 11L
  • External dimensions: Backpack body: W315mm x D200mm x H450mm *Does not include handle and shoulder belt
  • External dimensions: Shoulder inner box: W270mm x D125mm x H255mm *Does not include shoulder belt
  • Inside dimension: Backpack body: W300mm x D140mm x H400mm *Inner box
  • Inside dimension: Backpack body upper storage compartment: W300mm x D130mm x H140mm *When 2 air chambers
  • Inside dimension: Backpack body lower storage compartment: W300mm x D130mm x H260mm *When 2 air chambers
  • Inside dimension: Computer compartment: W255mm x D27mm x H365mm *Reference storage dimensions for 15.6 inch laptop
  • Pocket (front)Zipper pocket x 2
  • Pocket (back)Zipper pocket x 2 * Also serves as hip belt storage
  • Pocket (back)Bottom zipper pocket x 1 * Also serves as rain cover storage
  • Pocket (inside the air chamber)Zipper pocket x 1, translucent zipper pocket x 1, mesh sleeve pocket x 2, bottle fixing band x 1
  • Color: Black/ Gray
  • Material: Polyester, PVC, TPE
  • Weight for Backpack: 1470g
  • Weight for Inner Box: 650g
  • Compatible models: 15.6 inch laptop
  • PC storage compartment internal dimensions notes*The internal dimensions and the external dimensions of the computer that can be stored may differ. For details, please check the compatibility table on the ELECOM homepage.
  • Material: Water repellent (outer fabric)
  • Accessories: Inner Box x 1, partition board x 5, dedicated rain cover x 1
Qty available:5
Premium Large Camera Backpack/ Waterproof/ Rain Cover/ Inner Case BM-OFC01 Series

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