We stick on notebook PC and tablet and receive small peripheral devices such as mouse and portable hard disk, USB memory, USB cable and are notebook PC pocket which we can carry with one hand in a mass.

  • Notebook PC pocket which sticks on notebook PC, and can hold small peripheral device
  • It is portable with one hand in a mass
  • Stick to tablet and is possible
  • Rearranging, storing is possible to Dimensions of the accommodation thing
  • 10.1-17.3 inches of notebook PC correspondence
  • Slim design which is hard to be bulky


Correspondence Dimensions 10.1-17.3 inches of notebook PCs, 10.1-12.9 inches of tablet
Dimensions:  W200 X D5 X H150mm
Weight : About 94 g
Color Black
Materials: Polyester, PU
Qty available:0
Laptop Pocket/ Organizer PCA-LTP01 Series

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