Is a USB2.0 of the standard to "Certified Hi-Speed ??USB (USB2.0)" regular certified product! New standard USB Type-C connector smartphone equipped! Equipped with a USB Type-C terminals of, USB micro-B terminal USB2.0 conversion cable that can connect the cable.


Connector type USB Type-C male - USB 2.0 micro-B female
Supported devices Cable/peripheral device mounted with smartphone mounted with USB Type-C terminal and USB 2.0 micro-B terminal
Cable length 0.15m ?We include connector
Cable thickness 3.2mm
Standard USB 2.0 standard regular certification article
Correspondence transfer speed Up to 480Mbps ?Theoretical value
Power delivery correspondence X
Plug plating Specifications Gold plated pin
Shield method Double Shield
Twisted pair cable (communication line) Yes
Color < Black >
Package form PET box + paper mount


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Conversion Adapter MPA-MBFCM01N Series (Type-C to Micro-B)

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