A smart appearance, can store plenty. Equipped with a convenient USB port for charging the smartphone, available in stylish business scene 4 air chamber PC backpack "Ruminant (Luminant)".


Bag type Ruck sack
External dimensions Approximately width 300 x depth 160 x height 430 (mm) * Handle shoulder belt not included
Inside dimensions of the PC compartment Approximately width 270 x depth 30 x height 375 (mm)
Pocket (air chamber) Front space (A4 file pocket x 1, pen holder x 2, accessory case pocket x 2), side space (PET bottle / water bottle storage pocket x 1, folding umbrella storage pocket x 1), main space (PC storage pocket x 1), Back space (accessory pocket x 6, USB [A] male connector installed)
Pocket (side) Wallet storage space x 1
Pocket (side) Regular or key storage space x 1
Pocket (side) Shoulder card pocket x 1
Pocket (side) Mobile cable storage space (with USB [A] female connector)
Material Surface: PU, polyester (water repellent finish) Inner surface: polyester (water repellent finish only in the side space) * It does not completely prevent water from entering the inside.
Connector shape USB [A] Male Connector-USB [A] Female Connector
Compatible models -USB [A] male connector USB [A] mobile battery with female connector-USB [A] female connector USB [A] Lightning cable with male connector, Type-C cable, microUSB cable
cable length 0.55m * Including the connector part
standard USB2.0 standard (compliant)
Plug plating specifications Gold plated pin
Color Black
Weight About 1110 (g)
Qty available:0
Ruminant Laptop Backpack 15.6inch BM-RNBP01 Series (Black)

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