Carry together what you need in the PC work. Vertical has can 13.3inch PC case "off toco".


The outside size 265mm in width X depth 35 X 345mm in height
Weight About 360 g
Materials: front surface: Polyester (water repellency)/back side: Polyester
Color: Black, Grey, Navy
Correspondence model ... 13.3 inches notebook PC (Dimensions of 14 inches can be stored by bezel fuku of monitor, too. As you may not cope depending on model, please buy after checking Dimensions of the PC body.)
Reference Storage Dimension: Department in PC storing size: 235mm in width X 35mm in depth X 325mm in height
The number of pockets Main storage space (the inside: 13.3inchPC space X 1, A4 documents storing pocket X 2), Front pocket X 1 (the inside: smartphone pocket X 1, pen pocket X 1, card pocket X 1), the back pocket X 1
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OFF TOCO Laptop Carry Bag 13.3inch BM-IBOF13 Series (3 Colors)

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