1990 2490

The desk is cute with a chewy animal. "Mochimochi Face" is an animal mouse pad with a wrist rest that allows you to operate the mouse comfortably by using a gel material that feels comfortable and fluffy.

  • Animal mouse pad full of Punipuni "Mochimochi Face"
  • Sticky animals decorate your desk cutely
  • With wrist rest
  • Stable mouse operation is possible
  • Compatible with all reading methods of mouse


Material Surface fabric, wrist rest: Polyurethane / Base: Elastomer
Body color Cat, Frog, Hamster
Mouse operation surface dimensions (maximum outer dimensions) W205 x D145 (mm)
Mouse operation surface thickness (thickest part) About 5mm
External dimensions W210 x D205 x H20 (mm)
Weight 192g


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Animal Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest "Mochimochi Face" MP-AN03 Series (3 Design)
1990 2490

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