Can I amend my order?

We will try our best to assist you if you would like to amend your order before it’s processed/mailed out. However, it couldn’t be done if your order has already processed / mailed.  

Can I combine my new order with my other order?
An item is missing from my order, what should I do?
I have received a defective / incorrect item, what should I do?
Why is my order cancelled?
Why didn’t I receive any notification mail after placing an order?
Do I need to have an account to start purchasing?
I have a credit voucher / discount code, how can I use it for paying my order?


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Shipping & Delivery



How do I pay for my order?


How do I make payment by using Debit / Credit Card?
Do you accept Internet Bank transfer/ Cash Deposit?
How long it takes to verify my payment?
What if I cannot make payment within 24 hours but still interested to get the items?